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and nonemergency personnel to leave the embassies in sudan and tunisia. they canceled visits to libya to probe the killings of four americans at the embassy there. we are getting a glimpse of the man who started the video. we have more from afghanistan. >> around the world scenes of anger and raw emotion. in pakistan protestors stomp on the u.s. flag and in egypt emergency crews struggled to regain control after a night of rioting. the anger had even tread down under. >> some of that anger has again turned deadly. in afghanistan the taliban released this video, the aftermath of a revenge attack storming into a base killing two u.s. marines and wounding many more all this while the man believes to be behind the controversial film seen here with his face and head covered met overnight with probation officers. they are investigating his activities. today members of his own christian community are distancing themselves from his actions. >> we reject violence we reject insensitivity. this is not sensitive to our muslim brothers. >> he turned down the request from the obama administration to remove
of their dark-skinned color and religion. christopher stevens, the late ambassador to libya and grad here was killed this month in an attack on the u.s. cancalate in libbia. initial reports blamed it on an american-made anti-muslim film. but further investigation revealed that terrorists were behind the murder. stevens was honored in a moment of silence before the cal/arizona game and a memorial fund has been established in his name. the imlufs came-- the gloves came off in a heated debate this weekend. he opposes measure "n," which moore and the progressive alliance supports, it would charge merchant who is sell sugar-sweetened drinks a penny-per-ounce tax. moore said that buswrai hit him first. a manhunt for a man and a teenager wanted for murder in san leantro. this photo was released. they are looking for a 17-year-old suspect. the two are accused of shooting and killing a man inside his home, on kentwood lane on september 16. in oakland, a rally is set to begin in an hour to protest a deadly shooting by police. 18-year-old allen blue ford was shot three times in the chest and arms in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2